#1 146 in FSX von Hepb 09.02.2010 20:44

I have expirenced a lot of problems with the panel and i'm unable to figure out why or whats causeing them to happen.
These included: Engines not starting (using the red button on over head panel), Flaps not deploying (engines then switched on), the speed brakes and spoilers not able to extend (with engines on).

I have researched using this fourm and i have used information from other peoples expirences, Unfortunutly their sucess did not solve any of my problems.

I am finding that reading the manuel difficult due to my dyslixia, and i would gratefully recive some simple and clear instructions.

Thank you
#2 Re: 146 in FSX von Hepb 09.02.2010 21:40

If you can help it would be usefull when anomilyies occor, but I have figured out everything else apart from getting the engines to start?
#3 Re: 146 in FSX von Matthias_L 10.02.2010 13:24


What version of the BAe 146 panel do you use in FSX? You must have installed version 4.1 because all other versions won't work correct and you will never be able to start the engines with an older version than 4.1.

The BAe 146 panel is very complex and close to the real aircraft. That's why it is not possible to write a quick startup guide here. When the flaps and the spoilers don't work for example, you have no hydraulic pressure or the hydraulic system is switched off. Please check this on the MWS and overhead panel. The MWS shows you a not working system with a separate caution light. Only when all amber caution lights and red warning lights are off, you're aircraft is ready to go. As soon as a caution or warning light goes on, you must check what happens. For this you must take a look at the corresponding system light (in the overhead panel for example). You will find all information about the system and the reason for an illuminated caution or warning light in the corresponding chapter of the manual.

I'm very sorry, but if you want to use this panel there's no other way than to study the manual.

Best Regards
#4 Re: 146 in FSX von Hepb 10.02.2010 16:26

Thank you - I have got the spoilers and the flaps and everything to work! some how, and ive fawered the manuel to a family member whos good at techinal stuff and can instruct me on the panel.

Thank you very much,

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