#1 10th Anniversary von Matthias_L 23.02.2008 15:14

Hi All,

It has been ten years now since I've uploaded my first Flightsimulator panel, the Avro ARJ panel version 1.0, to Flightsim.com. Because of this 10th anniversary, I've opened a new site for the BAe Panel Project which contains screenshots of a lot of the panels I did in the last years. You will also find names of FS designers which were important for my work. I'm sure some of you will remember those FS enthusiasts.

Please hit the reload button if you couldn't find the new link on the left side.

Best Regards
#2 Re: 10th Anniversary von tony madge 23.02.2008 15:29

Congratulations and a big thanks you for supplying me with so many hours of fun in FS98 and all the FS variants that followed with your great panels.
#3 Re: 10th Anniversary von dominicmahon 23.02.2008 19:09

I'll certainly echo Tony there Matthias - thanks very much for the fantastic panels you've created and released these last ten years. It's work like yours that makes Flightsim such an enjoyable, international hobby ;)
#4 Re: 10th Anniversary von ckyliu 23.02.2008 19:27

Congratulations Matthias, I had no idea you'd been doing this for so long! I think big thanks are in order for your contributions to the community over the last 10 years.

I didn't realise you had such an interest for many older British planes like the Trident and the 1-11 too. I hope you can continue to make brilliant panels for the next 10 years

Best wishes,
Christopher Liu.
#5 Re: 10th Anniversary von kremin 24.02.2008 06:55


Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of your panels. We are all very lucky that you continue to share your hobby with us - superb work - thanks very much indeed.

best regards

Rick Canham
South Australia
#6 Re: 10th Anniversary von Peter 25.02.2008 13:32

Hi Matthias,

I was very surprised when I saw your message that it's already ten years you are developing panels for us flightsimmers. May I reply on a couple words of the 10th anniversary page ?

In all those years I never won a price or get an award for a panel.
May I be the first one who gives you his personel price and award for your FREE panels. I know it isn't a real award or price but please accept my words as for real.

Seems that my panels are never good enough and long time ago I was quite a bit disappointed about this but in the meantime it doesn't make any difference to me.
I know what you mean with "never good enough". That's typically for people who wants the perfection to the biggest detail. I'm very glad you are no longer disappointed. You receive a lot of positive reactions and you always give a lot of support to pilots who have some problems. And mostly you are right with the answers. Fine you get over it.

I make my panels because it’s fun
I know you are a very busy man and a lot on the road. Sometimes, it's really amazing where you got the time to make these. As long as you fun with it than you'll do it more and more detailled and get it nearly as real as it gets. So take your time for new versions. If I can help you again for translating in the future, please let me know, I'm always present to help you. May I tell you at least that your free panels are MUCH BETTER then some payware panels !

My very best congrats,

#7 Re: 10th Anniversary von PhilippAT 26.02.2008 10:07

Congrats to you Matthias,

and thank you very much for your work, we all need your panel in our BAEs, Avro´s and Jetstreams.

They are the best, which you can get for this aircrafts...

Thx and we´re looking forward to the future of BAEPP
#8 Re: 10th Anniversary von Mich 11.03.2008 22:22

Hello Matthias

Congratulations on your ten years!

I've always liked your panels very much, and I'm pretty sure this is not going to change... :-)

But most of all: Thank you so much for your hard work. Be sure it's highly appreciated in the FS-Community. Your panel are really much better than many payware-panels!


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