#1 Some comments on the aircraft and panel von Lluis del Cerro 16.07.2008 13:23

Hi all,

Matthias, you may remember that I made some comments on the panel manual in the HJG forum, pointing out some incongruencies that you said to have resolved immediately afterwards. Thank you for all.

I did the repaint for my VA (Catalonian Airlines) and have been flying extensively the version 1.0 of the B463. I was aware of the few items still to be solved of the panel function and control of the aircraft.

Yesterday I could finally install version 1.1 of B463 and I noticed some diferences in the aircraft behaviour. I belive that my panel version is an old one of about december 2007. May this be due to the panel? I have read in HJG forum that the new version of the B463 has some problems, but apparently only on ground. As said, I flew in the cockpit of this aircraft several times and it is a really smooth aircraft. However, yesterday (version 1.1) it reacted rather nervously to the flight controls. May the panel affect in any extent to this?

Thanks in advance for any opinion and, of course, for the effort invested in those wonderful panels.

Best regards,


Lluís del Cerro
Catalonian Airlines
#2 Re: Some comments on the aircraft and panel von ckyliu 17.07.2008 10:59

The flying characteristics of any aircraft in FS are determined by the aircraft.cfg and .air files in its respective folder (except for autopilot behaviour in some panels).

Depending on how you installed Matthias' panel, you may of replaced or modified these files, which could of affected the flying behaviour.
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