#1 Engine Start Problems. von Steam 22.07.2009 12:57

I'm sure there is something I am doing stupidly wrong, but after following the startup sequence in the manual I cannot for the life of me get engine 2 and 3 started. 1 and 4 start happily, but 2 and 3 refuse to start.

I'm using the 4.1 FSX version on the HJG 146-300 QT.

Am I missing a step?

Thanks for any help
#2 Re: Engine Start Problems. von Matthias_L 22.07.2009 13:12

Hi Chris,

this is a known problem which could happen sometimes. Here's a copy of my FAQ which should help you:

"I could not start engine 2 and 3."

This could happen if you flew another aircraft before the BAe 146 and you stop the engines with the mixture control, or if you have saved a cold and dark cockpit situation when starting. In this case sometimes the mixture controls of engine 2 and 3 stay closed. There are now two ways to activate them. Either you open the mixture control in another aircraft or you press the keys cntr+shift+F4 when the BAe 146 is loaded to switch on the mixture of engine 2 and 3. Now it should be possible to start all engines. This will be corrected with the next update.

Best Regards
#3 Re: Engine Start Problems. von Steam 22.07.2009 13:16

Thank you very much for the quick reply Matthias, that seems to have done the trick. Great panel by the way!

Thanks again
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