#1 Weight and balance errors? von Jando 28.11.2007 11:05


Just to inform you that some sections (balance and weight!) of your replacement aircraft.cfg from the Mlj31fs9.zip file are probably wrong. For example both replacement files (for HJG and for Sanchez models) state

--> max_gross_weight=15212.000
--> empty_weight=14200.000

Well, that leaves about 500kg to load for both fuel and payload, thus we're already overweight with half-full tanks without even carrying a pilot.

Otherwise a beautiful panel, thanks a lot!
#2 Re: Weight and balance errors? von Matthias_L 06.12.2007 17:25

Hello Jando,

Sorry for this delayed answer to your message. Because of the HJG release last week and several other things it was very hectical and I had no chance to post here sooner.

Thank you very much for the hint with the wrong weight. That's absolutely correct and I will change this with the next version.

Best Regards
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