#1 A lot of news von Matthias_L 24.11.2007 11:39

Hi All,

Since this month there's a partnership between the Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) and the BAe Panel Project regarding Jon Murchison's completely new BAe 146 aircraft. As opposed to the first rumours, Jon also made a new FS9 model, which will be offered exclusively from the Historic Jetliners Group. On the HJG site, you will find more information about the project and, when everything is ready, you will find a special version of my panel for this project there. Please visit http://www.simviation.com/hjg/.

Today I've also started with the new BAe 146 EFIS website. The EFIS panel was a special version of the old analog BAe 146 panel. It was an update for those companies who don't want to change their old 146 with the newer RJ but would ike to have a more digital cockpit. You will some more information about the new panel and a first screenshot of it on the new BAe 146 EFIS website. Please hit the reload button of your browser in the left frame to see the new EFIS website link.

Some of you may ask what happened to the turboprop panels Jetstream 31 and Jetstream 41. Very often I wrote that I have problems realizing a realistic control of the single shaft engine. I've tried a lot of things but without success. At the moment I'm planning to carry on with the J31 / J41 and to realize everything close to the real J31 (manual) except a realistic engine control. I will start a poll about this in my forum within the next weeks. Of course I'll keep you informed about the poll and the result.

And now I would like to introduce you to Cindy Kyrkjeboe. Since October Cindy and me started a collaboration for the Avro ARJ and BAe 146 panel. She made a really interesting and very good rework of those panels and had some very good ideas for them. I don't want to betray too much now, but I'm sure that a lot of flightsimmers acclaim her big updates. Of course I'll keep you informed here too and as soon as I could upload some screenshots of our work I will do so.

Best Regards
#2 Re: A lot of news von tony madge 24.11.2007 21:38

Many thanks for the updates I look forward to the EFIS panel, was this much different to the RJ panel by the way?
Best wishes Tony
#3 Re: A lot of news von Matthias_L 25.11.2007 16:09

Hi Tony,

No, there are not too many differences to the analog and digital model. The EFIS version is quite a bit a motley version using something from here and there.

Best Regards
#4 Re: A lot of news von Sidney Schwartz 26.11.2007 02:54

The new HJG model is stunning!

Can the "regular" version 4 of the BAe145 panel be used with the HJG model, or must we use the HJG version of the panel? I had a sim crash while flying their panel, which has never happened while using the regular version. What is different about the HJG version of the panel?
#5 Re: A lot of news von Matthias_L 26.11.2007 07:25

Hello Sidney,

You could use the version you already have but you should not replace the flightdynamics of the HJG model with those of my older panel. The HJG FDEs are already adapted for my panel and work with the version from HJG and the version I've already uploaded some weeks ago..

Nevertheless there's a small difference which may convince you to use the new panel from HJG: I've reworked the autopilot once again for a better IAS hold with different aircraft weights. I've just checked the reworked AP with Jon's new aircraft, so I currently do not know if this is also necessary for the other models. Nevertheless with the HJG model you could see a difference, especially when you fly with an almost empty aircraft.

Best Regards
#6 Re: A lot of news von Sidney Schwartz 26.11.2007 20:12

Thanks, Matthias.
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