#1 Release date? von mcm211 16.06.2008 10:33


Is there any estimated date of release for the JS32 panel verion 3? I love flying this aircraft with Your great panel and I was wondering how long will it take to complete the new one?


Kindest regards!
#2 Re: Release date? von Peter 16.06.2008 16:45

Hello mcm,

It's impossible to reach Matthias. This is what Matthias wrote a few months ago :

Hi All,

Because of several private reasons it's not possible for me to visit the forum and answer your questions in time. The same to your mails which are still unanswered. I'm very sorry about this.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best Regards

I hope you understand it why there is no release date for the Jetstream 31.
By the way, if there should be a (some) issue(s), Adrian and I will try to help you as long as it is in our possibilities.


#3 Re: Release date? von mcm211 18.06.2008 18:32

Hi Peter.

Thanks for the reply.. No, no problems with the panel at all. I'm having a great time flying the JS32 with Your panel.

Take Your time guys.

Best regards.
#4 Re: Release date? von wegi 17.07.2008 16:28

Hi there,

Is anything changed with released date of 3.0 version?

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