#1 Jetstream 32 von mhlarsen 22.08.2007 07:30


How much diofferent is the BaE 31 cockpit/panel from the BaE 32?

#2 Re: Jetstream 32 von Matthias_L 22.08.2007 19:40

Hi Michael,

If there is a difference between the J32 and J31 cockpit it is not very big. The Jetstream 31 had two different basic cockpit layouts depending on the Flight Control System. Two different Flight Control Systems were in use. Those were the SPZ 200 and SPZ 500. You could recognize the type when looking at the HSI for example. The SPZ 500 use a HSI with a digital course and distance readout. The J32 panels I saw were always equipped with the SPZ 500 Flight Control System. I'm not sure if ever a J32 was built with the SPZ 200 FCS.

Hope I could help you a little bit.

Best Regards
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