#1 HJG Bae146-300 V1.1 von Greg Goodavish 28.03.2011 23:35

I recently downloaded the Jon Murchison Bae146-300 base pack from the HJG site. I noticed that the aircraft.cfg file and .air file are made by Jon Murchison and you, Mathias. Here is my question. Are the aircraft.cfg and .air files from that site good to go with your 146 panel, or do I still need to replace them per the instructions in your installation manual? Since they were made by you, Mathias, I am assuming they will work with your panel without replacing them. Can you advise? Thanks.
#2 Re: HJG Bae146-300 V1.1 von Matthias_L 30.03.2011 13:01

Hello Greg,

Unfortunately I didn't know the new version of HJG and I haven't installed the Flight Simulator at the moment to check it. But as far as I know HJG has a good FDE designer (Mike Mounce) who always update the flightdynamics of the 146. Here is a small list of the things which could happen when the FDEs aren't made for this panel:

The standard FDEs of the MS jets have always switched on Spoiler arming in the airfile. A lot of people forget to disengage this function. With this function switched on you could not control the spoilers correctly with the mouse.

When the aircraft weight and CoG were changed in the aircraft.cfg, it could happen that the aircraft will not hold the correct speed with the pitch.

When the engine values are modified, it could happen that the TMS will not control the correct thrust.

When the electric values are not always available in the aircraft.cfg, it could be that you loose power for the radios after 20 minutes.

Those are the things which could happen with modified flightdynamics when they are not made for this panel. Maybe you could monitor those things when using new model and flightdynamics and give a small feedback. Would really be great!

Best Regards
#3 Re: HJG Bae146-300 V1.1 von Adrian19 07.05.2011 20:38

Hi Greg and Matthias,
I too don't get in here as much as I would like, however in answer to your question Greg, AFAIK it was only the contact points that were modified, to get the aircraft to sit better on the ground. I don't think anything was altered in the engine values or spoiler operation, the rest of the FDE has remained the Matthias/Murchison one.

...........Adrian W.
#4 Re: HJG Bae146-300 V1.1 von Greg Goodavish 27.05.2011 01:40

Thanks, Adrian.
#5 Re: HJG Bae146-300 V1.1 von sempre stappare 24.09.2012 19:14

Did not know the ex\cistance of this forum,so that's why I am new.

Q1: Downloaded the zip files :

1)FSX BAe 146 Panel v4.1 Betaversion.

2)Installation Instructions for Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) Aircraft

Unzip all base pack files to the aircraft folder of Flight Simulator.
BAe-146X Project
Flightsimulator 2004 Release 1
November 14, 2007HJG
Is this the correct combination?

A/C is[u] not [/u]showing up in FSX.

Q2:Although I was quite succesfull in installing yr 2004 version,in this case and since it was such a long time ago ,I made the error of unzipping cab file--- ML-BAe146v40.cab into the gauges folder.
Do not unzip the cab file itself. The Flight Simulator unzips this cab file automatically
when it needs it. Just take care, that the file is in your gauges folder!------oeps

Am in the tedious process of removing all the part files from Gauges !
Is this really necessary or is their another option?

Tks a lot for help sempre stappare
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