#1 A real pilot impression. von atkin 19.09.2007 12:54

An interesting topic was mentioned to have a real pilot evaluate the panel
Then to give an opinion as to whether a fight sim pilot could fly the real BAE146.
I have been a passenger a number of times and find it a smooth ,stable plane .
Paul Hannity is a real pilot for Aer Lingus and may have flown the BAE 146.

I remember a real pilot remark on a question, is it more difficult to land using FS and he said yes.
I did have real pilot use FS at my home and his first question was, I can't read the gauges and it does not have turbulence.

Love the panel, the autopilot is a tricky one.

Any more comments ......
#2 Re: A real pilot impression. von Matthias_L 20.09.2007 07:11

Hi Atkin,

Nice idea. Let's see if anyone else post his impressions here.

Best Regards
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