#1 FS Panel Studio and BAe146 von mach7 12.01.2009 15:59

Hello all.

II am trying to utilize some gauges from the 146 project into another aircraft. For some reason the guages, after being modifed by FS Panel Studio, will not operate. They download onto the other panels, but appear as if there is no electrical power going to them...(all the fail flags in view).

Trust me...I LOVE this panel and find the detail very impressive. I am building a simpit and this platform was my first choice...the only problem is my MCP pro does not work with it. Even after I swap out the autopilot, the functions are a bit wacky.

By using any addon 146 with a generic FS panel, (any from the listed file), I found swapping out the autopilot system with the MSFS generic allows my goflight MCP pro to work flawlessly.

FS Panel Studio will allow me to ADD gauges or MODIFY exsisting ones to the exsisting panel (ML's panel) with no problem. It is just that the removed gauges from ML's panel do not operate on another panel...

I would really love to use the engine gauges...I cannot find any of such detail thus far...

I hope I am not overstepping my bounds here. I give the highest regard to the work done here.

Any thoughts?
#2 Re: FS Panel Studio and BAe146 von Adrian19 19.01.2009 00:52

Hi Jim,

the gauges won't work correctly in other panels. This is because they are linked to specific systems gauges in the 146 panel. These gauges simulate the Electrical, Hydraulic and Bleed Air systems that FS is unable to do correctly for the 146's and RJ's. Any gauges ported over to another panel would require these system gauges plus all the switch gauges for them to function correctly.

The compatibility problems with external MCP's have already been brought up in other threads. The 146 Autopilot has been programmed with its own variables and uses very few FS variables, again this is to overcome limitations in FS, this unfortunately means that hardware MCP's are not compatible or have very limited functions.


P.S. Jim, I deleted the thread in the general forum as it was a duplicate of this one, and is more appropriate in this forum.
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