#1 Yellow Yaw Damper warning light will not go out von flypom 06.02.2008 05:17

Gee Matthias you have done a great job with Panel4 for FS9. Thank you so much for all your work. I used to fly the real thing for Ansett in Australia for 9 years 'till 1998 and your panel with Jon M's model really is good. Can you tell me how to extinguish the yellow yaw damper warning light - (Yes, I have switched the yaw damper on and off and on but the light stays on). It's such a minor matter but if there is an easy fix I'll fix it. Thanks again. Adrian
#2 Re: Yellow Yaw Damper warning light will not go out von Matthias_L 07.02.2008 08:33

Hello Adrian,

Thank you very much for your compliment. I'm very happy that you like the panel.

About the yaw damper light:
There is an important changing from version 3 to version 4. In version 3 the yaw damper caution light goes out as soon as the yaw damper master switch in the overhead panel was switched on. Now with version 4 the autopilot control unit in the pedestal panel is realized. The yaw damper caution light belongs now not only to the master switch in the OH panel but also to the yaw damper switch in the AP control unit. Both must be switched on and available.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards
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