#1 Changes between FS) and FSX XML von Palani 26.11.2007 15:54

Hello community,

is there anyone out there who can confirm that the ADI and the standby attitude gauge only come to live when engine 1 or 4 are powered up?
I researched a bit and finally came up with the resolution that the value A:Attitude indicator pitch degrees, degrees was substituted with ALANE PITCH DEGREES, Radians.
So far this works just fine. The gauges come to live when the correspondeding busses are on. But I've lost this slow swing-into-place motion.

Can anyone help?

#2 Re: Changes between FS) and FSX XML von Matthias_L 27.11.2007 12:57

Hello Matthias,

Unfortunately I could not really help because I still don't have FSX. Nevertheless a small comment which may help here:

When the Attitude indicator just works when engine 1 or/and 4 is on, it looks like the instrument requires electrical power from the standard FS elec bus (the standard electrical busses of the Flightsimulator will be switched on with engine 1 or 4 even if I just use it for the GPS). Maybe the system variables have changed in FSX: For example:


in the aircraft.cfg means that the ADI is vacuum driven (necessary in my model).


Means electrical driven.

Could it be that the addresses 1 and 2 have changed?

Best Regards
#3 Re: Changes between FS) and FSX XML von Palani 27.11.2007 15:49

Hi Matthias,

thanks for the reply. That gives me something to chew on. I'll give it a try. After all it's easier to do this than to go through all the xml and searching for changed A: values

best regards
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