#1 restore panel configuration: engines off etc von phosfour 10.01.2008 12:42

Hi there!

First of all my compliments for the great panel you created! Obviously it was a lot of work to create it and I appreciate the fact that you put it online for free, that's something one should not take for granted.

As I like the BAe 146 I installed your panel and tried to get used to it (start the engines etc). But when I shut down and then opened again the FS, I found myself sitting in a plane with engines already running and with switches in the positions I put them in. Is there any possibility to reestablish the original state (I mean engines off, all switches like they were after downloading the panel and using it for the first time)? I already tried to eliminate the aircraft folder and to reinstall it, but it didn't work out.
Or is there a description of the original state, so that I could at least put the panel (and the plane) manually in the state it came after downloading?

Thanks again for the panel and hoping for your support, best regards,

#2 Re: restore panel configuration: engines off etc von phosfour 10.01.2008 15:46

Hi folks,
I solved the problem on my own... It was not the aircraft folder but the gauge files that had to be reinstalled to restore the original state of the aircraft panel.
Have a nice day, alwys happy landings,
#3 Re: restore panel configuration: engines off etc von Matthias_L 10.01.2008 17:57

Hi Steffen,

Thank you very much for your compliment about the BAe 146 panel. I'm very happy that you like it.

Great that you could aready solve the problem. To restore the original cold and dark situation, you just need to unzip the files ML-BAe146v40_Config.ini and ML-BAe146v40_Config2.ini of the gauges.zip into the gauges folder and replace the already existing files there. Those two ini files contains the settings of the panel state.

Another way is to leave the aircrat cold and dark. For this you could use the included checklists. The engines could be shut down with the fuel valves of the throttles (in the pedestal panel). Take care, because this is NOT part of the checklist.

Best Regards
#4 Re[2]: restore panel configuration: engines off etc von Mosie 11.01.2008 13:35

Dear friends
I have some rpoblem in first step.i have saved BAe for FS2004,but after installation it`s files didn`t open.what should i do...?
#5 Re: restore panel configuration: engines off etc von Matthias_L 14.01.2008 07:19

Hello Mosie,

Unfortunately you don't wrote very much about your problem. Could you please give some more details about your problem? What files do not load? What do you see after loading the aircraft? What happens when the problem occurs?

Best Regards
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