#1 Version 4 release date. von atkin 01.08.2007 19:03

I guess I will say it first .When is version 4 coming out.
#2 Re: Version 4 release date. von Matthias_L 01.08.2007 19:13

Hi Atkin,

Unfortunately version 4 will still take some time. There were a lot of changes necessary after the first betatest. Some of those corrections are very massive why I have to run a further betatest when everything is ready. Of course I will inform here when I have a final release date.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Version 4 release date. von ckyliu 01.08.2007 21:37

I notice BAe 146-200 EFIS has appeared as an option on the menu. Perhaps you could expand a little on this, I'm a bit confused! Is this going to be part of the v4 release or something that will appear much later on?

Christopher Liu
#4 Re[3]: Version 4 release date. von Matthias_L 02.08.2007 08:30

Hi Christopher,

The BAe 146 EFIS is not an update of the ARJ or BAe 146 panel. It is a completely new panel.

Just some words about the real thing:

The BAe 146 EFIS was an update for the older BAe 146 panels and an interim solution before the ARJ came out. It was an update especially for those customers who want to have a new cockpit equipment with EFIS displays but without buying a completely new aircraft (the ARJ for example). BAe Systems replaced the electromechanical ADI and HSI with CRT EFIS units and a LED engine information display. Everything else was still from the BAe 146. So it looks like a mix of the old analog BAe 146 and the new ARJ.

You could recognize those cockpits quite easy when you see a photo for example: When you see a BAe 146 cockpit with an EFIS PFD and ND but with an airspeed indicator left beside the ND and the old autopilot, it is an EFIS BAe 146 and not an ARJ. The ARJ uses the new MCP and it has no longer an analog airspeed indicator.

Best Regards
#5 Re[4]: Version 4 release date. von ckyliu 02.08.2007 10:14

Ah, so they never built a 146 with an EFIS cockpit from the start! Thanks for the clarification Matthias, I understand now
#6 Re[4]: Version 4 release date. von parkave231 03.08.2007 21:44

I saw that EFIS on the left side, too...very interesting. Sounds similar to what Boeing did with the MD-10 program.

Come to think of it, I think I've seen pictures of it at airliners.net and remember thinking that while the plane was clearly a 146, the cockpit seemed a little different...now I know why!

I'm going to take the 146 up in the air tonight...haven't done that for a while. I like the new forum, and many thanks as always for your work!

#7 Re[5]: Version 4 release date. von Matthias_L 14.08.2007 15:20

Hi Matt,

Thank you very much for your posting here. I'm very happy that you like the new forum.

Yes, the enhancement of the old BAe 146's could be compared with the DC-10 / MD-10 program. It's quite funny. For a long time I thought the displays are the same in the EFIS 146 and the ARJ which makes it easy for me to create an EFIS version. But the PFD is quite different. The BAe 146 has a very simple PFD with not many functions, so I'll have to program a new one.

Best Regards
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