#1 Flight Director von flyingbuffalo 28.04.2008 20:09

Hello, I am new here, so first of all : GREAT panel!
Just help me out on this one (since I am already reading too many manuals for the moment):
On Take Off the Flight Director keeps pitching way up, when it should normally give something like a V2+10 pitch...any speed increase or mode change doens't change anything either...Putting on AP gives pitch down until you select Level Change...
Am I missing something here?
#2 Re: Flight Director von Ryan 29.04.2008 14:15


Have you set the ASI bug? If its set to a low airspeed, and you have take off thrust. It will command a high nose up attitude to maintain the target airspeed.

Sorry if it sounds stupid but mite be something as simple as that
#3 Re: Flight Director von flyingbuffalo 01.05.2008 20:12

Oh yes, even tested it at Vmo, set in MCP's IAS/Mach speed selector, FD pitches way up, into a stall ..seems to work well when you put autopilot on and Level Change...any other ideas?

also this : I am not so much into MSFS, since I am lucky to fly the real AVRO, but any suggestions to make the RJ "handle" more realistic, flight control - wise? Any good settings out there?
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