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#16 Re: Sad Statement von SimSamurai 15.11.2007 22:56

I would really like to have the newest Panels for Bae 146-200 and 146-200QT . After successively installing the 4.0, and 4.1, and 4.2 on the 146-2 and lastly applying the final "4.2 patch" I am now left with a cockpit that only has its gauges appear and NOTHING else. I have reinstalled this twice now making sure I start with the 4.0 panel and gauges and then successively move up to the final 4.2 patch and the same thing happened again, and again. The panel bitmaps are in the panel folder but all that is diplayed are gauges only on a black screen.

I installed the 4.0 plus the 4.0 patch on the "QT" version only and the same thing happened with that one. --all gauge--no panel bmp. --visible gauges over black screen!

I have to say this 20 step drop this, patch that, process has been extremely frustrating and confusing as I would really like to get airborn with this bird. Please, Matt I need some help! sound config has ever been included with any of the many .wav files. Could you please send me the lateset working panel V 4.3 or later with a sound config too.

Ideally I want the older all analog cockpit for the "QT" and the more modern semi-glass with the passenger series 200.

Please help us Matt! Thanks so much - SimSamurai
#17 Re[2]: Sad Statement von Peter 16.11.2007 09:00

Hi Samurai,

May I be so kind for asking to sign your messages with your real name ? It's always nicer to talk to someone with his own name and please don't post your message in several maps. All the messages in this forum will be read and answered. Thank you very much, .

What about your problems, I suppose you mixed up both panels, . There is the BAe146 with the "old" analog gauges. The latest version is 4.0 without any updates. On the other hand there is the Avro ARJ with glasscockpit. For the ARJ there is a full-install 4.1 version and a 4.2 update. Otherwise you can install the 4.0 and the updates 4.1 and 4.2 to have the most recent panel. There is absolutely no 4.3 version update at all.

If you want to use both panels, BAe146 for the QT and ARJ for the PAX, the best thing you can do is making two folders in your aircraft map, one called BAe146 and one called ARJ. Install the aircraft in each folder and install both panels for each aircraft. Don't mix both panels on the same aircraft in the same folder. There are a lot of differences in the panels that they don't use each other files.


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