#1 ILS capture.... von aetio 19.04.2008 13:03

There is something i do wrong executing ILS app. because my Very good BAe don't follow the GS, but it mantain altitude and theA/T continue to give high engines power, instead to reduce it....What is my mistake?!?
THANKS for replies

#2 Re: ILS capture.... von Adrian19 19.04.2008 14:59

Hi Ezio,

there isn't an AT on the 146, there is the TMS, by Approach this should be disconnected and on manual engine control.

To capture the ILS and GS make sure that the NAV/GPS switch is set to NAV and that you have ALT hold lit, arm both V/L and GSL. The Aircraft should capture the ILS first, then as it approaches the glideslope the ALT hold should disconnect and the Aircraft starts to descend.

Reduce or increase the throttles manually to keep the glide indicator centered. On very steep approaches i.e. London City, you can use the Airbrakes (Tailbrakes) to slow the Aircraft a bit more.


.................Adrian W.
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