#1 Statement von Palani 09.11.2007 14:22

I’d like to make some kind of statement. First of all: The BAe-Panel is the best freeware panel I’ve ever seen. This is to say it’s even better than most payware panel that had crossed my way.

Now I thought about the threads in this forum relating to some improvements like the fixing of the starter.xml, implanting the CIVA INS and likewise.
In addition to this it attracts my attention that Matthias don’t show up the last days at all. I don’t know if this is because of being busy elsewhere or of being startled because of people ‘messing around’ with his panel in which he puts a lot of his time.
If the latter case is the truth I’d like to present my apologies. I have fun taking it apart because I love it. And this modding is in no way meant as an insult neither to you nor to your panel.

I guess this sounds a little pathetic but since English isn’t my native language I can’t do anything about it.

Best regards
#2 Re: Statement von Peter 09.11.2007 15:17

Hi Palani,

Don't be afraid or don't be annoyed at all. Matthias is a very busy man and is most of his time on the road. He drives a lot of kilometers a week and isn't often at home. And now this time of the year, he has to finish a lot of his fulltime job before it's December 31. When he got the time, he'll reply. I'm very sure of that.

Best regards,

#3 Re[2]: Statement von Matthias_L 09.11.2007 20:55

Hello Palani, hello Peter,

Thank you very much for your really kind words. It makes me very proud.

About your statement:

Peter is a very good friend since a long time and everything he wrote here is correct. I was indeed on the road the last days and had no possibility to write sooner. I'm absolutely not annoyed about the ideas, improvements or about any critic. Far from it I'm happy about it, because it helps me making my panel better with every new version or getting new ideas. It's the same with your and Adrian's report about the FSX bugs. I need those information because those things should be corrected. The more info I get the better I could make a fix.

Best Regards
#4 Re[3]: Statement von Palani 10.11.2007 09:57

Hi Matthias,

I'm pretty relieved about what you wrote.

best regards
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