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Thanks so much for all your work in putting this new version of the panel together. I thoroughly enjoyed flying with v.3, but v.4 is a giant step forward again. Thanks also for your persistence in gettin the new version uploaded. I've been looking forward for a long time to v.4.

I must be missing something along the line somewhere, I think. I had the start sequence working good in v.3, but now I'm having a problem getting engines #2 and #3 lit up. I've worked through the checklists; sometimes 2&3 will light, but usually they won't. #1 and #4 will light without any problems no matter what sequence I use, but I have to resort to the magic switch to get 2&3 to light. They'll start spinning up, but they just won't light.

Can you tell me what I missed doing?

#2 Re: missed something somewhere von Matthias_L 01.10.2007 08:39

Hi Bill,

Thanlk you very much for your compliment about the BAe 146 panel. I'm very happy that you like the new version too.

About your question:
This problem could happen when you start the aircraft from another one with shutdown engines (cold and dark). The FS always controls fuel with the mixture lever too. This means that when you shutdown an aircraft with the mixture lever or with the keys cntr+shift+F1 and you save this situation, you must open the mixture with cntr+shift+F4 before you could start the BAe 146 engines as they have no mixture control. I've programmed a code to open all mixture levers when starting the BAe 146 panel. However sometimes it doesn't work. Do not know why.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: missed something somewhere von combear 02.10.2007 05:14

Thanks for your answer, Matthias. Your suggestion was probably the culprit in my problem. I had been using ctrl+shift+F1 to shut down the engines. The last several times I fired up the 146 I used the mouse spots on the throttles to shut off the fuel, and all four engines fired right up the next time I loaded the aircraft. It's still strange that 1&4 would light but not 3&4, but I can easily enough live with that.

Thanks again,
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