#1 TMS question von Sidney Schwartz 14.09.2007 20:05

Great Panel!

The only problem I'm having is with my own understanding of when to use the various TMS modes.

1. What is the difference between the TO and GA modes, and when would you use one rather than the other?

2. Same question on the MCT and TGT modes.
#2 Re: TMS question von Matthias_L 14.09.2007 20:30

Hello Sidney,

Thank you very much for your compliment. I'm happy that you like the new version.

The TO mode has the same function as the TO mode of the ARJ TRP. It's used on ground for takeoff. The TMS calculates the correct N1 for take off and display it. When TO mode is active and you move the throttles forward so no arrow illuminates, the TMS controls the thrust similar an AT to hold the calculated N1. But only until 75 knots. On higher speeds the TMS does no longer control thrust (actuators freeze).

Well, asking something about GA is really a good question, because ....GA... does nothing (TMS is disconnected). In the manual it is described as the TMS disconnect mode. I think it's really misleading naming this function GA (go around). However British Aerospace decides to do so.

In TGT mode, you could select a TGT in the lower TMS area (white numbers thumbwheel). This adjusted value will be held like an AT when the throttles are in the activation area (no arrow illuminates). It could be compared with an N1 hold. In the MCT mode, always the maximum continues thrust will be held (no matter what you select) when the throttle is in the activation area (no arrow illuminates).

Hope this helps a little bit.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: TMS question von Sidney Schwartz 14.09.2007 22:55

Thanks, Matthias...it makes sense now. TO for takeoff, MCT for cruise climb and TGT as an autothrottle for level cruise.

Even the GA mode makes sense, sort of. If you're going around you don't have time to fuss with autopilot settings...it's better to disconnect the autopilot and fly manually until you're climbing safely and can turn the autopilot back on.
#4 Re[2]: TMS question von ChrisTrott 16.09.2007 20:32

I need to do another flight to test it, but it seems I'm having the same problem with the TMS that I have with a couple of other similar systems. I use a CH throttle quadrant, so I have a separate axis assigned to each throttle and the TMS doesn't seem to actuate the thrust at all even with the arrows all out as the engines will not synch and they are not holding the set temperature as they are supposed to even though I have activated the system per the manual.

The only thing I can think of that may be causing it is that I have all 4 throttles mapped in "Direct via FSUIPC" mode instead of as "FS Controls". Have you tested this and determined whether this might have an effect on proper operation of the TMS?
#5 Re[3]: TMS question von Matthias_L 20.09.2007 06:57

Hello Chris,

Sounds not good what you wrote about the throttle. I also use a hardware throttle (the single axis throttle of the CH yoke) and it works fine here, so I don't think that the throttle is the reason of the problem. When the automatic thrust control moves the throttle forward or back when TGT is used for example, it could happen that the FS throttle position is lower or higher than the position of the hardware throttle. However I just see the throttle jumping then in the pedestal but the correct thrust is still hold.

Unfortunately I could not write you more at the moment

Best Regards
#6 Re[4]: TMS question von ChrisTrott 20.09.2007 16:30

I will do additional investigation into the problem and let you know if I find a situation where the TMS does work.
#7 Re[5]: TMS question von ChrisTrott 20.09.2007 17:07

Okay, I tested the configurations with both my Saitek throttle (single throttle) and my CH Throttle Quadrant. Here's the results -

Scenario 1) 4 throttles mapped via FSUIPC as "Direct to FSUIPC" - TMS does nothing but look pretty. No active adjustment of any throttle axis during operation, tested multiple scenarios including changing temperatures while throttles were in proper range and all remained where set by hand.

Scenario 2) 1 throttle mapped via FSUIPC as "Direct to FSUIPC" - Same as Scenario #1, TMS had no effect on engine operation.

Scenario 3) 4 throttles mapped via FSUIPC as "Send to FS as normal axis" - TMS forces all throttles to 100%. No exceptions. Nothing I did got them to go to anything but 100%.

Scenario 4) 1 throttle mapped via FSUIPC as "Send to FS as normal axis" - Same as scenario #3. TMS simply forced the throttle to 100% every time no matter what I set within the TMS control panel.

Scenario 5) 4 throttles mapped via FS (using the "Engine x Throttle Axis" in the settings) - CH Throttle Quadrant had no effect on engines at all. This is an FS issue not unique to this model.

Scenario 6) 1 throttle mapped via FS (using the Throttle Axis assignment in the settings) - Same result as Scenario #4.

Unfortunately, this means that I either get a completely wacky result from the TMS where no matter what the engines are set to 100% or I get nothing at all.
#8 Re[6]: TMS question von Matthias_L 21.09.2007 07:58

Hi Chris,

Because of the fact that your throttle moves to 100% (pinned) in several cases, it seems that something you've installed results in a wrong interpretation of the programmed throttle value (standard FS values). Unfortunately I could not post you the correct settings because I did not use FSUIPC (not installed). When this is the only modul which is additionally running, it is probably a problem of FSUIPC, or better of a FSUIPC setting.

I'm very sorry fir this but at the moment I have no idea of how to solve it.

Best Regards
#9 Re[7]: TMS question von ChrisTrott 21.09.2007 13:24

Well, FSUIPC is a required module for many addons, including VATSIM, so it's not an option to remove, especially since my throttles won't work otherwise.

I'm surprised that no one on the BETA test reported the problem too if it's FSUIPC though because most everyone uses it. There may be something else.
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