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#1 GNS-X von triplese7en 21.08.2007 21:52

Hi Matthias,

First of all thank you for this fantanstic panel you have made here. All that work for free is getting more and more rare.
I was wondering if I could help you to advance a little bit faster on the development of the GNS-X. I'm in a type rating on the Avro and I would really enjoy helping you to achieve your project. By the way, i noticed two or three bugs but i'll explain them a little bit later don't worry. (they are not major bugs).

Tell me how far you are in the development of the GNS-X, what could be usefull to help you and also the requirements (programming skills maybe ?) i need to fullfil and informations you could need aswell.

Thank you for your time you spend for us.

See you.
#2 Re: GNS-X von Matthias_L 22.08.2007 19:25


Please check your mailbox. I sent you a PM some minutes ago

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: GNS-X von klflyer 25.08.2007 15:28

Hello Matthias

First of all I have to say that your panels are fantastic! Furthermore it's great that you're programming an FMC for a freeware panel! Not many have done that so far. IMHO your panel is almost perfect except for the missing GNS-X. As I see you got some help from a real pilot so I just wanted to ask how it's coming along. Can we expect an update any time soon or will it still take a while?

Thanks in advance for your reply and keep up the good work!

#4 Re[3]: GNS-X von Matthias_L 31.08.2007 17:26

Hi klflyer,

Thank you very much for your posting and the compliment about my panels. I'm very happy that you like it.

About the GNS-X:
Unfortunately I could not say when it comes. Stefano, a C programmer, is currently helping me with a C gauge. Nevertheless it's quite too soon to say more about it.

Ernie Alston has programmed a very good GNS gauge. Unfortunately it's not freeware. However my version 4.2 panel works with it. Please take a look at Ernie's site: to get more information about his GNS.

Best Regards
#5 Re[4]: GNS-X von klflyer 31.08.2007 18:22

Thanks for your response. The mentioned FMS looks really good . I just have a few questions about it.

Is there a panel.cfg to make it work with your panel?
Will the autopilot functions work with your panel or do I have to use the MCU from isgsim?

Thanks for your answers in advance
#6 Re[5]: GNS-X von triplese7en 31.08.2007 21:15

Hello klflyer,

Yes, you have to edit the panel.cfg file.everything is well explained in the readme file given with the gauge. It is quite straight forward.

See you.

#7 Re[6]: GNS-X von klflyer 01.09.2007 17:28

Hi Nicolas

Thanks for your info. I'm probably going to buy it as I can't fly without an FMC anymore!

#8 Re[7]: GNS-X von Joakim 03.09.2007 08:26


First off, what a amazing panel!! Have said it before and say it again!

Now, As I said you have created an absolutly awsome panel, but as one here said, the demand of flying with FMC/FMS is getting bigger and bigger. There for I wounder if it is possible to modify your panel so i can use Integrated Simavionics

Just in till your own FMS/FMC in ready? 'Cuz you know, why pay for it when you can gett it for free?
#9 Re[8]: GNS-X von Matthias_L 10.09.2007 10:04

Hi Joakim,

My own GNS (Stefano's gauge) will still take a looooong time so you don't make a mistake when buying Ernie Alston's gauge. Ernie's gauge could also be used with a lot of other aircraft, so it's not just an investment for my panel.

Best Regards
#10 Re[9]: GNS-X von Joakim 04.10.2007 19:00

Hi, again!

Now when I have the Integrated Sim avionics, how do i do it to work with you panel??

Please help anyone!!!
#11 Re[10]: GNS-X von Matthias_L 09.10.2007 08:22

Hi Joakim,

The description of the collaboration between the GNS and my panel is simple. You just need to engage the autopilot and the LNAV switch. Do not use HDG even if it is maybe described in the GNS manual. LNAV is another type of heading hold which allows the BAe 146 autopilot to communicate with other navigation tools, like the GNSXLS. BTW: like in the real aircraft, a vertical navigation with the GNS is not possible with the BAe 146 autopilot.

Best Regards
#12 Re[11]: GNS-X von Joakim 09.10.2007 12:36


I was a bit tired when i wrote the last post, what a meant was:
"How do i install it in your panel"?

Best Regards
#13 Re[12]: GNS-X von Matthias_L 09.10.2007 14:40

Hi Joakim,

The installation procedures are quite different from gauge to gauge. Please take a look at Ernie's manual or readme text and follow his installation steps. Should not be a problem.

Best Regards
#14 Re: GNS-X von RJ-Pilot 02.12.2008 16:32

Has anyone succesfully installed the GNS-XLS from ISGs suite - I have come close but am having great difficulty making the AP work in LNAV from the GNS and also when I install the gauges for some reason the VOR/ILSs are not 'tunable'. If anyone has the Panel config or other tips I would be most greatful - I'm having difficulty understanding the full installation guidlines that come with the ISG product.

Thanks in anticipation
#15 Re[2]: GNS-X von Matthias_L 09.12.2008 08:15

Hi RJ P,

Unfortunately I could not help with installing the ISG GNS. Here I recommend to ask in the ISG forum directly. Nevertheless if you have problems in setting VOR/ILS (and maybe other parts of the radios), I think I know the reason. This happens when you install the gauges or parts of the gauges in a separate folder. All gauges MUST be directly in the gauges folder of the FS. This is very important because otherwise the panel didn't find the necessary ini and cfg files. It could also be the reason for the AP problem.

Best Regards
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