#1 ATP Model von ronindanbo 08.04.2008 21:13

Hi Matthias

As you know we have a model on the go (see forum at www.bsmp.co.nz) but we are being held up by the lack of an experienced panel designer. I was wondering if you would do a simplified panel to help us release this model as everything else on it is really good now.

We are not looking for ultra detail as I really want this out the door and to get people enjoying it.

Hope you can help

#2 Re: ATP Model von kdridders 17.09.2008 21:28

Hi Guys,
I see your held up by the lack of a panel for the atp, i just googled for a bae atp panel found one so please take a look - I can't give you the url because this forum has spam protection
The ATP is a model I am looking forward to
Let me know,
Thanks Guys
#3 Re: ATP Model von davehardy 01.12.2008 22:09

ATP Has now been released

Link above
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