#1 Autopilot switch von Stevow 23.03.2008 20:13

hello I recently installed the bae 146 panel and the autopilot doesnt work i cant click on the master switch. but the hdg,lnav,alt,vs,etc are working any solution for this that i cant click on the master autopilot switch ? thanx
#2 Re: Autopilot switch von Adrian19 26.03.2008 03:09

Hi Stevow,

The Autopilot switch on the MCP isn't actually a switch, it's an indicator that lights up green, when the Autopilot is functioning.

The actual Switch/Button is on the Pedestal Panel next to the Yaw Damper Button, or you can use the FS keyboard shortcut 'Z' to activate/de-activate the Autopilot.

Best.... Adrian W.

P.S. The Autopilot is not functional on the ground !!!
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