#1 Some trouble with panel version 4 von ALE 10.11.2007 19:03

Hi Matthias,

I would like to appeciate your great and realistic panel but unfortunaly even I have followed the install instructions from page 1 to page 6 (of 163) of your manual (I have installed the Jon Murchison 146-300 Airfiles.ZIP) I'm not able to see the panel when I'm inside the cokpit sight (with FS9) that means the aircraft can fly but is impossible to see the panel, Ican see just an all gray BAe 146 from the observator sight without any livery, no VC and no panel sight!
Have you any idea of where could be the trouble?

Thanks for your answer
#2 Re: Some trouble with panel version 4 von Matthias_L 11.11.2007 17:56

Hello Ale,

Seems that some parts of the aircraft and the panel installation goes wrong. I highly recommend to delete your model and to install it once again step by step. It's very important that you first install a BAe 146 aircraft. Then start with the panel installation, but be sure that your Flightsimulator IS NOT running.

1. Follow the steps of chapter 2.2 (when using Jon Murchison's aircraft) closely. This installs the bitmaps for your already installed BAe 146 aircraft, the configuration files, the gauges and the panel sounds for your model.

2. Now install the correct replacement flightdynamics. This is describbed in chapter 2.2.1 of the manual.

3. When you have installed a separate aircraft soundset for your BAe 146, you should make the changes in the sound.cfg which are written in chapter 2.3 of the manual.

That's it. Now you could start your FS and you should see the aircraft and panel correctly.

Best Regards
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