#1 Civa INS von champair79 18.02.2008 23:03

Hi Matthias,

I am a great fan of all your panels and I am currently using the Avro panel for my RJ100. You mentioned you had tested it with the Civa INS? Would you be able to share a panel.cfg with me as I really want to integrate this into the panel but have limited experience in modifying panel.cfg's. I have your latest version - 4.2 along with Civa 1.52.

Many thanks and keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.

Nicholas Yates
#2 Re: Civa INS von Adrian19 22.02.2008 04:58

Hi Nicholas,

have a look in the BAe 146 Board, under "CIVA INS 1.5 integration" , there are a couple of configs from Palani and myself which you could adapt for the ARJ, although strictly speaking the CIVA INS was outdated when the RJ's were built, being replaced by an FMC.

Best.... Adrian19
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