#1 FSUIPC mouse capture von mach7 03.01.2009 23:42

Hello. I am building a simpit using the 146 panel platform.

Does anyone know if the mouse capture function of Peter Dowsons FSIPCU works on either the 146 or Avro panels with respect to operating the overhead panel switches with keystrokes as opposed to mouse clicks?.

I am building a simpit and I would like to use the 146 panel project as my sim platform. I would like to wire the overhead switches throught an interface card which will allow the addition of actual rocker switches.

Any help is appreciated.

#2 Re: FSIPCU mouse capture von Adrian19 04.01.2009 13:07

Hi Jim,

I tried it out some months ago, and no it doesn't work. As Pete Dowson says in the documentation, it only works with some gauges, not all gauges. Unless Pete has updated FSUIPC to include XML type gauges ,it won't function, as the 146 and Avro panels are both programmed with XML gauges.

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