#1 Engines not turning ! von Exelta 12.09.2008 19:32

Hello to all,

I managed to install the BAE Jetsream 31 panel on a Jorge Sanchez model. Averything worked fine but I guess I messed up something later on during the installation (maybe by installing version 2.1 ?) because I don't see the engines running anymore when I choose to rename "No_CaD_GPWS_panel" to "panel". There is engine sound from inside the cockpit but from outside all you can hear is the shutdown upon completion of loading. Engine gauges looks like the engines are off. I tried to go back to version 2.0 and reinstalled everything as well, but no luck, the problem is still there.

Any help and ideas will be highly appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance
#2 Re: Installation problems on FS9.1 von Exelta 12.09.2008 20:47

#3 Re: Installation problems on FS9.1 von Exelta 12.09.2008 22:36

#4 Re: Engines not turning ! von Exelta 16.09.2008 06:52

I solved the problem !

It was a confusion of my part about what tocopy from the original aircraft file.

Congratulations for your panel ! If anybody needs help installing it give me a shout ! I did all the possible errors...I guess I'm not a specialist yet, but for some reason your instructions confused me more than others....

Thanks again, É.
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