#1 Version 2 install von ahramin 09.01.2008 05:49

Hello all. My apologies if this question has come up before but i could not find it using the forum search.

I am currently doing training on a J31 and am hoping to use the J31 panel with Flight Sim 2004 (fs9).

I am following the installation instructions for version 2.0 and have come to a grinding halt. The instructions seem to be based on upgrading from 1.x rather than installing 2.0 from scratch.

Can anyone point me to where i might be able to download the 1.0 version so that i can install that first thereby making it possible to follow the 2.0 installation instructions?

If not would anyone be able to help me install the 2.0 from scratch?

Thank you
#2 Re: Version 2 install von Matthias_L 09.01.2008 06:38

Hi Ahramin ,

It's not necessary to download version 1.0. Please downlload version 2.0 from this website (use the link Jetstream 31 of the left frame), from Avsim or from Flightsim.com. This zip files contains the complete installation section in the enclosed panel manual PDF file. If you would like to have also the cockpit nside views, you need the update to version 2.1. This file could be found here on this website too. The update has just a small installation section in a readme file because it requires the complete installed version 2.

Best Regards
#3 Re: Version 2 install von ahramin 09.01.2008 17:45

Hello Mathias. Thank you for your help.

I am planning on installing 2.1 as soon as i get 2.0 up and running.

Step 1 in the installation instructions is to unzip all the files in Panel.zip into the panel folder of my J31 aircraft. Since i did not install version 1 i do not have a J31 aircraft. I had a look at how the default aircraft look and created a folder in the aircraft folder named J31. In the Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\J31 folder i created a Panel folder and have unzipped Panel.zip into the Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\J31\Panel folder. Is this correct?

I have unzipped all the Guages.zip files into the Flight Simulator 9\Guages folder. The .cab file is also there.

I have unzipped the Sounds.zip into the Flight Simulator 9\Sound folder.

I have placed the FSSound.dll file in the Flight Simulator 9\Modules folder.

I have appended
to the end of the fs9.cfg file (difficult to find in Vista).

Whoops, reading through your directions i think i have found the problem. Does this panel go on top of some other Jetstream installation? Your instructions of backing up the old Aircraft.cfg file had me thinking that i needed version 1 but i am now thinking i need a jetstream aircraft from somewhere else. Is this correct?

If so, is there a particular one you recommend and could tell me where to find?

Thanks again.

#4 Re: Version 2 install von Matthias_L 10.01.2008 07:54

Hi Ahramin,

Yes, you're right. My file is just a "panel". You need an aircraft for the panel, otherwise you could not use it. The aircraft is also the first file which needs to be installed. I could recommend two aircraft models. The first one is Jorge Sanchez aircraft and the second one is the model from the HJG group (Historic Jetliners Group). Unfortunately HJG didn't offer their model any longer. Nevertheless you could find both models and paintings of both models on Flightsim.com and several other freeware servers.

Best Regards
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