#1 BAE/ARJ with VC? von Johan_D 05.08.2007 19:12


I just stepped in the world of the BAe or ARJ, and was looking for a VC version of one, but couldnt find.
Altough the panel update for the ARJ has a VC version in it. Anyone any help?

#2 Re: BAE/ARJ with VC? von Matthias_L 06.08.2007 10:07

Hi Johan,

There's just one BAe 146 model which has a simple VC at the moment. This is the aircraft of Paul Hannity and it could be found on Avsim.

Paul Hannity and Jon Murchison are working on new aircraft with full VC, means VC with working gauges. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything from Jon's new model and I do not know if he is still working on it. Paul is still working on his new aircraft but I could not say when it is ready.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: BAE/ARJ with VC? von johan 06.08.2007 14:26

Ok, then I have to wait for a while..
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