#1 Engine start von Pelusa 05.11.2007 01:27

Hi Matthias,

I use your great panel for years now, but i have a little comment about it (i don't know if you are able to solve it)

When the engine spools up and N2 reach %20, I open the fuel
cutoff valve, but the engine does spool up quite rapidly (N1 reach 60% and the FF is also abnormally high) I don't know witch is the
problem about that but several other (freeware) panels also have that problem.

#2 Re: Engine start von ChrisTrott 07.11.2007 02:25

Actually it's an FS issue. All the default airplanes do it as well as do most of the addons (freeware and otherwise) unless the FDE guy knows how to slow it down right. I'm not sure exactly what's required, but I know that if you slow down the spool-up, you have to adjust the rest of the flight model in respect to the engine performance to keep it accurate throughout the flight regime.
#3 Re[2]: Engine start von Matthias_L 09.11.2007 20:32

Hi Pelusa,

Thank you very much for the compliment about my panel. I'm very happy that you like it and I'm very sorry that I couldn't post here sooner, because I was on the road the last days.

As Chris already post, the spool up time is part of the flightdynamics. Unfortunately I'm no flightdynamic artist, so I don't know what to change in the FDEs to prevent this problem. Nevertheless I know that it is possible. Maybe I find one who could help here.

I'm sorry that I didn't have a solution for this at the moment

Best Regards
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