#1 Engine overheat warnings von Lio 06.04.2008 00:27

Hello to all!
Great work you have done there
Ok,i set up the cockpit and aircraft by the book,and when i apply thrust for takeoff,engine overheat warnings come up and the throttles go back to idle...what am i doing wrong?
#2 Re: Engine overheat warnings von Adrian19 06.04.2008 06:17

Hi Lio,

you need to change the FDE (.air file) the EGT is not the same for the 146 and ARJ.

The file should be with the download, one for Jon Murchisons model and one for Phil Hannity's.

This is a common problem when the .air file is from the 146.

Hope this helps

Best.... Adrian W.
#3 Re: Engine overheat warnings von RJ lover 06.04.2008 11:41

Thankyou very much!
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