#1 BAe 146 200. von BarryC 04.03.2008 13:34

Can someone post a link for the BAe 146 200 aircraft that I could use in FSX please?
The only one I can find is the freighter type.


#2 Re: BAe 146 200. von Shadowstarz 25.03.2008 07:29

I'd like to say hello to all and it's my 1st post here. And extend a huge thanks for having a panel that I can use on my VA's 146. I had one before but lost it when I changed computers. I've been wanting to fly it on cargo runs (that's how it is in our aircraft listing) but been waiting on a good panel.
#3 Re: BAe 146 200. von Adrian19 28.03.2008 23:22

Hi Barry,

There's a link at the bottom of the 'About' page on this site that will take you to HJG. There is at the moment only the 146-300 that will function in FSX.

Please be aware that it is not an FSX specific aircraft, only FSX compatible.

Best.... Adrian W.
#4 Re: BAe 146 200. von BarryC 11.04.2008 09:32

Many Thanks Adrian,
I now have a 146-300 on FSX...albeit with a 747 panel.

I won't ask about the FSX panel here then, but will ask...

are there any other panels out there for the 146 that will work with FSX. Anything better than using the 747?

Thanks Again

#5 Re: BAe 146 200. von Adrian19 11.04.2008 17:44

Hi Barry,

the existing 146 panel will work with FSX albiet with some limitations, i.e. engine startup, but Matthias is working on an update.

You will need to use the sound gauge pinned at the top of this forum if using FSX SP1 and follow the instructions in the thread.

Don't be afraid to use this panel in FSX, the more people that do use it and report bugs, the easier it will be for Matthias to make an update.(I Hope !!)

Best.... Adrian W.
#6 Re: BAe 146 200. von BarryC 20.04.2008 23:25

Thanks again Adrian. Panel now installed having carefully follwed the manual, and even managed to take off following Matthias' checklist!

I think I will have a few more questions now however:

First question. When I select Virtual Cockpit view (FSX), I get a picture of the cabin. Looks great, but how do I see the Virtual Cockpit?

#7 Re: BAe 146 200. von Peter 21.04.2008 10:33

Hi Barry,

Until now Matthias only made 2-D-cockpit views. You don't have to reinstall or search for 3-D cockpit views. As far as know Matthias, he first wants the 2-D as perfect as possible. Maybe in the future he'll create 3-D's.

Hope it helps,

#8 Re: BAe 146 200. von Adrian19 21.04.2008 20:33

Hi Barry,

as Peter has already said their isn't a 3D cockpit as yet, the 3D view that you get is part of the model file, Jon Murchison is the modeller and plans to produce the VC with SP2.

................Adrian W.
#9 Re: BAe 146 200. von BarryC 21.04.2008 22:38

Thanks Peter and Adrian.
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