#1 Question about the radios von Jagu 07.10.2007 11:46

Hi everyone!

First of all I really love your Bae 146-panel Matthias, great work. I have a question though:
Is it possible to hear the radios (Comm 1) before the engines are running?

Thanks in advance
#2 Re: Question about the radios von Matthias_L 09.10.2007 07:57

Hi Jagu,

Thank you very much for your compliment about the BAe 146 panel. I'm very happy that you like it.

About your question:

Normally it should be possible to hear the comm radios also when the engines are not running. However all necessary conditions (electric and avionic) must be given. When the correct electric busses and the corresponding avionics are switched on but you still could not hear any ATC message, you could try the following thing:

Please search in the aircraft.cfg of your BAe 146 for the entry [electrical] and change it into this one:

max_battery_voltage = 24
generator_alternator_voltage = 28
max_generator_alternator_amps = 60
avionics_bus = 0, 5 , 17.0
avionics = 1, 5 , 17.0
additional_system = 0, 2 , 17.0
marker_beacon = 0, 2 , 17.0
electric_always_available = 1

When this also did not help, it could be that you are using FSUIPC. FSUIPC has also an entry for constant available electrical power (unfortunately I do not know the name). Try to find and activate this FSUIPC field. This should finally help.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Question about the radios von Jagu 09.10.2007 20:23

Yeah, now it works perfectly! Thank you so much Matthias.

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