#1 NO 1 ENGINE WILL NOT START von whirlwind 13.11.2011 09:30

I have tried manual start and auto start but i can not get No 1 engine to spool up , i have just reloaded the 146 after a PC up grade , i had no problems with the original down load ! What have i missed i have printed and read the manual , ihave spent two evenings trying to get No 1 engine to run i hope its not going to be some thing stuipid i have missed .

#2 Re: NO 1 ENGINE WILL NOT START von Adrian19 20.11.2011 23:15

Hi Whirlwind,

can you give us a little more info, like which OS and whether FS9 or FSX.

................Adrian W.

P.S. I hope it is something stupid that's been missed, that tends to be easier to put right.....
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