#1 Panel v4 crashes FSX von STUARTH 30.11.2007 12:19

I have installed your latest version of the panel, together with JM's new 300 model, but unfortunately when I load the aircraft the panel displays for a second and then FSX crashes to desktop.
I had installed all the guage and ini files into the gauges folder, as instructed and panel files to the panel folder of JM's aircraft. Sound files to have been installed according to the instructions - I cannot see what I may have done wrong. Any suggestions ?

#2 Re: Panel v4 crashes FSX von Palani 30.11.2007 13:31

have a look at this thread:

hope it helps
#3 Re: Panel v4 crashes FSX von STUARTH 05.12.2007 15:11

Thanks Palani, that solved the problem.
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