#1 Synch mode suggestion von Sidney Schwartz 14.09.2007 20:09

The Fanda Dash 8 has a similar function to the new Synch mode. Theirs is called Touch Control Steering, or TCS. When the autopilot is engaged you can activate the TCS, change pitch or bank, and the autopilot will capture and hold the changes. It's also set up so that you can use whatever joystick button you have assigned to the brakes. On the ground that button will activate the brakes, in the air it will activate the TCS mode. This would be much more convenient than having to click the Synch button on the yoke.
#2 Re: Synch mode suggestion von Matthias_L 14.09.2007 20:38

Hi again Sidney,

Yes, using the brakes key is a good idea. I didn't had it when designing the panel. Nevertheless I've added the "K" key for the SYNC mode. Either you press K on the keyboard or you have the possibility to position the "K" key to your joystick or yoke (like I did). On this way you could control SYNC like it is in the real aircraft.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Synch mode suggestion von Sidney Schwartz 14.09.2007 22:52

Cool...using the K key will also work. Thanks.
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