#1 Panel von Edwin 26.02.2011 19:27

I have a quick question when I click into FS2004 and choose the BAE aircraft it is already started up and ready to go on the runway when I go to take off it gains speed at 60 knots it starts to lose speed on the runway is there something I need to do to make it gain speed so that i can take of Thanks

#2 Re: Panel von Matthias_L 30.03.2011 12:41

Hi Edwin,

I'm very sorry for this long delayed answer. Unfortunately I'm not very often online these days why I couldn't answer you sooner.

About your problem:
When the problem still exists after this long tome, I think that it is because of too much given power. The FADEC of the ARJ returns power when the engine gets too warm or N1 is too high. Could it be that you've combined the ARJ panel with the BAe 146 FDEs or the ARJ FDEs with the BAe 146 panel? The BAe 146 normally shouldn't do this because of its missing Autothrottle.

Best Regards
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