#1 Reality-XP GNS530W and Jetline 2 integration von mamelinv 05.05.2009 21:01

First than forthmore, let me say that the panel is a super good job guys, I love to follow real world procedures since I'm a real pilot. I recently merged some Reality-XP instruments to the panel (GNS530W - GPS, and the JETLINE 2 EADI and EHSI), the merge went ok, but I'm having some problems with the autopiltot, and the radios. With the autopilot, I don't know how to link the new version of the GNS530W GPS to make the auto piltot following the route, some times the HDG bug freezes, some times the CDI freezes too, in the GNS config tool you can make the choice to link the HDG, the CDI or no LINK, witch one should I select?. there is some kind of problem to synchronize both or definetly there is no way to make it work correctly? With the radios, I can't tune the freq through the reality-xp radio stack. Need some help.

#2 Re: Reality-XP GNS530W and Jetline 2 integration von Adrian19 05.05.2009 21:45

Hi Juan,

Matthias has provided for exteral programs such as FSNav, vasFMC, etc, to control the heading by using the "LVAV" button on the AP, I would try each of the different modes output by the reality XP gauges in turn, until finding the one that works. Concerning the radios, that's normal as this panels are specially written to interface with the AP and other systems.

Watch out a lot of the systems in this panel use their own local variables, and not the FS ones.

................Adrian W.
#3 Re: Reality-XP GNS530W and Jetline 2 integration von Juan 06.05.2009 01:31

I did a fly today and it works with the FS9 gps nav mode, the problem comes with the EHSI and the autopilot. On the ground with AP disconnected the HDG Knob on the panel works normally but gets locked on the EHSI click spot, and The CRS is locked on the panel CRS knob and works fine on the EHSI click spot. On the air with AP connected, the HDG knob gets locked on the panel but it works fine on the EHSI click spot and the CRS works fine with panel knob but it gets locked on the EHSI click spot. Besides that, I'm getting the digital readout from the panel analog HSI on top of the EHSI. . I don't have enough knowledge about programing and FS9 arquitecture, I just know how to fly the planes, so is kind of hard for me to fix bugs unless someone helps.

#4 Re[2]: Reality-XP GNS530W and Jetline 2 integration von Matthias_L 08.05.2009 10:11

Hi Juan,

I have no experience with the Reality XP and Jetline 2 gauges. However, the BAe panel is not designed for other gauges. The only gauges which have an own door to the BAe 146 panel systems are GPS gauges. I have programmed a bypass to allow those gauges to control the heading and so to fly a programmed flightplan which is possible with some GPS systems. This bypass is active when the AP system is active and LNAV is pressed. When LNAV is engaged and your GPS did not send a heading, the BAe 146 flies straight ahead the last given heading.

Of course it is possible to integrate separate EHSI and EADI gauges. But you must accept that those gauges could not control the AP correctly and that those gauges will show you very strange things with all autopilot modes (not only course and heading). This is not a bug of my panel. The reason for this is that it was my goal to program the BAe 146 autopilot like the real thing. For this I had to change a lot of standard AP functions.

I'm sorry that I have no better news.

Best Regards
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