#1 Problem with J31 NoGPWS panel von arno 01.12.2009 16:03


First off, thanks Matthias for these awesome panels. I have flown many hours with the J31, and it is one of my favourite FS9 aircraft. I was saddened to read that the development has stopped. Hopefully someone can still help me with my problem which I encountered after formatting the harddrive...

The problem itself is, that whenever I try to use a panel that has no GPWS, i will immideately drop from 30fps to 1fps (yes, literally one frame per second) right after engine start. I determined that the No_GPWS part is the culprit, by trying with all possible combinations. I also tried removing the rows

gauge42=dfd_gpws!test, 813,604,20,20
gauge43=dfd_gpws!inop, 866,604,21,21
gauge44=dfd_gpws!fi, 893,604,20,20
gauge45=dfd_gpws!below, 839,604,21,21
gauge46=dfd_yg7500!radalt, 1035,1,38,37

from the CaD+GPWS panel, which led to similar problem.

I would use the GPWS panel, but unfortunately it doesn't work well for me, since even at a well-stabilised approach with 35-degrees flaps and a gentle, 400ft/min descent, I will get the sinkrate call.

Has anyone had a similar problem, or knows a solution? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks, all the best
#2 Re: Problem with J31 NoGPWS panel von Matthias_L 10.12.2009 07:39

Hello Arno,

Sounds very strange what you wrote. The only difference in the no_GPWS panel is that the gauge lines for the GPWS gauge are removed. So normally you should have more frames. Have you tried to restart the Flightsimulator after editing the gauge lines? Otherwise I have no idea what could be the reason for this.

Best Regards
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