#1 Pitch for Speed in Climb von Buster 16.10.2007 00:53

I have been using your Avro ARJ panel since version 2 or 3 not sure. Being a pilot myself I love the realism. I really enjoy your panel.
Being able to climb with climb power set and have the autopilot use pitch to maintain speed is something that all FS aircraft autopilots need. Which brings me to my question.

I know very little about XML gauges and was wondering would it be possible to make a gauge that would use pitch to control airspeed in a climb, either by pitch commands or verticle speed commands, that could be added to any panel?

Thanks in advance for you thoughts on this.

#2 Re: Pitch for Speed in Climb von Matthias_L 16.10.2007 15:14

Hello Fred,

Thank you very much for your compliment. I'm very happy that you like my ARJ panel. Together witrh the new BAe 146 EFIS panel, the new ARJ version is already in planning and it will get a lot of completely new things.

About your question:

Unfortunately it's not possible to use my AP (pitch for speed hold) for other models because I had to consider the aircraft weight (especially fuel and fuel used) which had a massive affect on the necessary pitch. It was very complex to find a usable formula for calculating the pitch and I'm sure it gives wrong results in other models as a lot of important parameters are different (CoG, fuel weight, aircraft weight, and so on).

Nevertheless I know that Fabrizio Beretta made a similar gauge for his 737 panel. Maybe his gauge is more generic and could be used in other models. Just search for his name and 737 panel on Avsim if you want to contact him.

I'm sorry that I couldn't support you such a gauge

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Pitch for Speed in Climb von Buster 16.10.2007 21:58

Thanks Matthias,
I was afraid the idea would be complicated. I will check out Fabrizio's panel and see what I find their.

Thanks for the wonderfull panels!

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