#1 Can't start on laptop von Maddog59 08.04.2008 06:28

Thanks Matthias for a truly awesome panel.

I used your panel before on my desktop with no problems. Recently got a laptop and followed the same install procedure as before. When I fire up the APU (on batteries) I cannot see any AC power. I notice the APU Fuel Lo Press light flicker off and back on around 90% (on the desktop it goes off).

I can't figure out what the difference is between the two systems and did't see anything similar on the support boards. Please help, 'cause I'd prefer to use your panel.
#2 Re: Can't start on laptop von Adrian19 15.04.2008 04:14

Hi Maddog59,

Have you turned on the fuel switches ?

I believe it"s N° 2 that feeds the APU. This is the only reason AFAIK for the low fuel pressure warning on the APU, that or no fuel in the tanks.

Best.... Adrian W.
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