#1 News von Stephan 23.08.2007 17:32

Any news about the J41 panel?
#2 Re: News von Matthias_L 31.08.2007 17:29

Hello Stephan,

Thank you very much for your posting and the interest in the J41 panel. Unfortunately I've still just finished the bitmaps for this aircraft and so it will take some time until it is ready. I don't know when, but I already could say that it will not be released in 2007.

I'm sorry that I have no better news for you.

Best Regards
#3 Re: News von Stephan 22.09.2007 21:07

That's ok. I will wait. Hope you have better news for the J31 panel.
#4 Re: News von davehardy 01.12.2008 22:19

Is the JS41 panel deader than dead?

Im a massive FS9 fan and only fly 2D cockpits with a little VC, im a big fan of the JS31 panel you did its simpley fantastic!

If theres any chance you might release it part finished/working let us know, then i will know not to hassle you guys ive read your news and i understand your reasons as im also a FS modder in the form of panel bitmaps and livery repaints and have been the same position as yourself.

But FS is an addictive mistress and i always find some time to make something i hope this JS41 get released one day as the POAB was a big let down for me, i might be wrong but it looks like a unfinished project with a bunch of renamed default FS Kingair gauges from their screenshots and the beta on AVSIM was much good......$35? I dont thinkso as ive seen better freeware than it BSMP SAAB and ATP spring to mind

Speaking of BSMP they are currently working on a JS41 which i know willbe stunning! Might be cool for you to share your panel with them with a deal?

Cheers Dave
#5 Re: News von Peter 02.12.2008 18:16

Hi Dave,

Maybe you didn't read the first page of this website. I'm very sorry but this is (not so recent) sad news. Matthias stopped the development of all his panels. So there will be no update(s) for the JS41. Same situation is for BAe146 and ARJ aircrafts for FSX, there will be no update(s). I hope Matthias will restart one day. There are a lot of pilots who want that too. We can't change Matthias' decisions, .

Thanks so much for understanding,

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