#1 AP "+" and "-" click spots on wrong sides of the knobs ? von Hans 17.09.2007 15:09

Hi there,

A truly complex panel but I think I've mastered it now. I'm using your ARJ panel together with a BAE 146-300 (no v/c) model in conjunction with the specific aircraft.cfg and .air files supplied with the panel. Some things had to be altered in the aircrfat.cfg file though e.g. the contact points, but the combination now seems to work great. However, I do have some problems/questions and would like to hear your opinions on them.

The AP knobs all seem to have their click spots on the incorrect sides of them e.g. when turning a knob clockwise (as in real aircraft) one would expect to have the "+' click spots on the right sides of the knobs and the "-" ones on the left sides of them. Also the V/S wheel seems to work the wrong way around, i.e. when clicking on the "up" end of it, the value in the V/S window decreases and vica versa.

Is this something specific for the BAE/ARJ and must I just get used to it, have I done something wrong during installation or could it be a little "mishap" in the developement stage ? In any case I hope you have a simple solution for my small problems.

Keep up the good work because it's guys like you who keep guys like me flying !!

Friendly regards
#2 Re: AP "+" and "-" click spots on wrong sides of the knobs ? von Matthias_L 20.09.2007 07:54

Hello Hans,

Thank you very much for your posting. I'm very happy that you like the ARJ panel.

About the clickspots.
Yes, you're right - this is a failure of my panel. When I start programming gauges some years ago, I always put the clickspots on the wrong / other side. This was now changed in the new BAe 146 panel for the first time. I will rework this also for the ARJ and other panels when I make a new version or an update. An update for the ARJ to bring this panel to the same level as the new 146 is, is already planned But it's much too soon to say when it will be ready.

Best Regards
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