#1 Losing electricity on some buses von Greno Zee 09.12.2007 11:01

While I'm learning to use this fabulous panel I encountered a loss of electricity on some buses. Namely the GPS, ability to to ATC and radios gauges go dead. This happens several minutes after I start the flight. This gets fixed when I start the engines.

I've got FS9 but since I printed some time ago the FS2002 version manual, I use the checklists from this one.
I'm 99.99% sure I've got the procedures right and there should be power.
I'm using the Aircraft.cfg and *.air files from your downloads and I've double-checked that electric_always_available = 1.

The time it takes for this to happen seems to be the same as the time it takes to loose the power on default B737 with engines off.

Any ideas?
Thanks ahead.
#2 Re: Losing electricity on some buses von Matthias_L 11.12.2007 07:46

Hi Greno Zee,

This could happen when you've installed FSUIPC. On some computer (not on all) the power function of FSUIPC overrides the electric_always_available entry of the aircraft.cfg. FSUIPC contains an own function for a permanent electricity. Unfortunately I don't know the correct name as I don't use this modul. Nevertheless I'm sure you'll find it.

Best Regards
#3 Re: Losing electricity on some buses von Greno Zee 11.12.2007 09:37

Thanks a lot!
That could be the case. That means I have to switch infinite el. power on whenever I fly your panel, I guess. Well, it won't ruin the wonderful experience of flying with your panel!

And may I say best luck with restoring your HD.
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