#1 TMS von pastordude 01.04.2008 14:55

I have a question/problem. On the first couple of flights with your great new panel I had no problems at all. Then I began to use the TMS. works just fine on take off, climb, cruise, descent. But I can't get the AC to slow down below 200 to land. It's exciting, unless you're a passenger. What do I need to do?
#2 Re: TMS von pastordude 02.04.2008 18:21


to further explain my question about the BAe146 landing problem, what I am wondering is am I supposed to reset the TMS for landing ? It seems to work fine on descent, climb, etc. But I also noticed that it seems that the throttles are pinned full on and don't move even with the autopilot off and moving the throttle handles manually. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I read the manual but couldn't seem to find anything that applied.
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