#1 "Wrong Configuration Warning" von Highlander_821 28.06.2011 11:21

Sometimes when I start my takeoff roll, I get a warning sound and red annunciator light that indicates Wrong Configuration Warning. Any idea what this might be? I am using flaps 18, setting takeoff trim as usual. Might it have something to do with how my fuel is loaded? I'm not sure how to properly fuel the plane. Say if I need 900 gallons total, should I put 300 gallons in each of the 3 tanks? Or put 33 percent in each one? Or should I fill the wing tanks equally until they are full, then put the remainder of what I need in the center?

Thanks so much. I fly this aircraft every day, usually stopping in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin. Really enjoying it so very much!
#2 Re: "Wrong Configuration Warning" von Adrian19 15.07.2011 09:02

Hi Highlander,

when fuelling the 146, you should fill the wing tanks first, then put any remainder into the centre tank.

From the manual :
Center fuel transfer switch. The switch has three positions. If the switch is in the
“Auto” position (switch up) and the aircraft is airborne, fuel is used from the wing
tanks until they reach 7470 lbs. After that an electrical pump transfers fuel from
the center tank to the wing tanks to keep them at 7470 lbs. Until the center tank is
empty. After that fuel is automatically used from the wing tanks. The “Auto” mode
does not work if the aircraft is on the ground.

18° flaps should be OK for take off, however I have noticed when I have flown in a 146 in RL they generally use 24°. With 24° flaps I generally trim somewhere around +0.8 to +1.0. If you do use 18°, try trimming up or down until the warning light goes out.

................Adrian W.
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Thanks, Adrian!

I tried a flight where I put fuel only in the wing tanks. I only need around 1000 gallons for most of my flights, so I put 550 in each wing tank, and left the center tank empty.

This did not work out for me, my #2 engine would not start. Tried it again with 30 percent in each of the 3 tanks, and all the engines started fine. Strange.
#4 Re: "Wrong Configuration Warning" von Adrian19 22.07.2011 13:29


the center tank feeds into the wing tanks, so you shouldn't have any problems starting all the engines if there is fuel in the wing tanks.

It may be a known FS problem where the cut-off switches in FS are closed, this may sometimes occur when the 146 is loaded after a 1 or 2 engine aircraft. The workaround is to press CTRL + SHIFT + F4 before doing the startup sequence, this ensures that the FS cut-off's are open.

Give it another try with fuel in just the wing tanks and use the workaround first.

................Adrian W.
#5 Re: "Wrong Configuration Warning" von Highlander_821 22.07.2011 21:26

Thanks Adrian. I tried the ctrl-shift-f4 workaround, and it did not help. Engine 2 just won't start. It starts to start, but it doesn't actually fire up.
#6 Re: "Wrong Configuration Warning" von Adrian19 10.08.2011 13:43


can you check the fuel panel on the overhead, I think you will find that L FEED LO LEVEL and R FEED LO LEVEL are lit and further down the panel that L OUTER LO PRESS and R OUTER LO PRESS are also lit, this signifies that there isn't enough fuel in the wing tanks to pump into the feed tanks.

The two feed tanks with low pressure aliment engines 1 and 4, if the LO PRESS warnings are lit you won't be able to start those engines. You need at least 1250 lbs in each wing tank for the warning lights to extinguish.

Are you sure you're not confusing lbs and gallons ? 500 galls = 3350 lbs = 41.1% in each wing tank, with this quantity you shouldn't have any problems.

................Adrian W.
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