#1 error msgs after v3 panel stall von Gojuguy 10.09.2007 23:11

Hi Matthias,

I've installed Jon's 146-300QT in FS9. The aircraft is great, a wonderful model. I then d/l'd your v3 panel fro this aircraft. I followed the instructions in the manual, then went into FS9.

When selecting the 146, I get the msg "flight simulator could not find or load the following files....etc". the files involved are GAUGES\dfd_gpws.GAU & GAUGES\XMLSound.DLL.

I'm wondering if you encountered this before. I don't think the base install is involved, as I tested that & it worked just fine.

Any ideas or help you can offer would be great.
#2 Re: error msgs after v3 panel stall von Matthias_L 11.09.2007 10:42

Hello Gojuguy,

This is not a big problem and the solution for it is very easy.

Please check if you've installed all files of the gauges.zip directly into the gauges folder of FS2004. The error message belongs to the gauges dfd_gpws.gau and XMLSound.gau. Those two gauges MUST be in the gauges folder.

After that check if you've installed FSSound.dll into the Modules folder of FS2004. That's also very important because when this file is missing, you get this error message too.

The last thing to check is if you've done the correct changes in the FS9.cfg. It is very important that the entry:


is part of the FS9.cfg. Please take a look in chapter 2.1.1. There you will find a description of how to add this entry to the FS9.cfg.

Best Regards
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