#1 Sound Probleme von blizzfizz 29.05.2009 19:10

Hallo zusammen,

Brauche mal kurz Hilfe bekomme in meinen FSX bei der BAE146 kein Sound hin.

Kann mir jemand sagen wie ich vorgehn soll ??

#2 Re: Sound Probleme von Adrian19 30.05.2009 00:54

Sorry I can only reply in English or French, and I'm making an educated guess as to your sound problem.

Try looking at this thread lower down the forum - SOUND GAUGE UPDATE FSX SP1 AND ABOVE .

Download the sound gauge and drop it into the gauges folder, reply OK to the FSX warnings for Doug Dawsons gauges when starting FS.

If this doesn't work please come back and tell us exactly what is happening, in English if you can, and we'll try to help if we can.

#3 Re: Sound Probleme von blizzfizz 30.05.2009 22:37

Thank you sound wonderfully functions to thanks.

Now I have functioned next problem ^^ as autopilot??
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