#1 TMS Tutorial? von Highlander_821 26.11.2010 18:14

I have read the panel manual, and I have a basic understanding of the TMS and what it is supposed to do, but not really sure how to actually use it.

Has anyone made a simple tutorial about how to set it up and actually use it in the various phases of a flight?

Sorry if this question has been covered before, I browsed most of the forum before posting.

#2 Re: TMS Tutorial? von Highlander_821 28.11.2010 13:02

I think I got it. I had to turn off engine air. Once I got the thing to turn on, a little trial and error (and some virtual carnage, lol) and I think I have it now. Pretty neat.

This panel is really amazing. I am flying the HJG Murchison model 146-300 and the -300QT. I've been fascinated with the 146 ever since I saw one in real life at EGPF. I've flown on the Aer Lingus 146-300 in 2003 from Dublin to Glasgow and back, and it was really interesting to learn a bit about flying it in MSFS.

Thanks again for all the time you put into this panel and supporting it.
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